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Posted On 20 Feb 2014
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Whatsapp has more than 450 million people using the service each month.


In a paper published in the space devoted to the media, Facebook provides more details of the acquisition of the mobile messaging service. Indicates that paid $ 4,000 million in cash and the remaining $ 12,000 million in shares of the social network.

In addition, “there is an additional $ 3.000 million in unit restricted shares to be granted to the founders and employees of WhatsApp, which will be earned during the four years following the closure of the company”

According to figures that highlight Facebook, Whatsapp has more than 450 million people using the service each month, 70% of those people are active users, and the volume of messaging volume approaches the world using SMS.

According to Facebook, this acquisition beneficiary with Whatsapp in your “shared mission to provide greater connectivity and usefulness to the world, providing Internet services in a convenient and efficient manner.”

“This combination will help accelerate growth and user engagement with both companies,” the statement said.

“I know Jan (Koum, cofounder of Whatsapp) long and I’m excited to join him and his team to make the world more open and connected,” said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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