Facebook Can Recognize Faces Almost As Well As A Person

Posted On 21 Mar 2014
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Facebook can verify a person like faces.

If a person sees two photos of a stranger, recognize that belong to the same person in 97.53% of cases. Now, the technology promises the same effectiveness, thanks to an application developed by Facebook, called Deepface.

The new technology allows us to identify that this is the same person in 97.25% of cases. Deepface does facial recognition, but face verification, says the MIT Technology Review.

For now it is a research project that uses a technique for generating a 3D model from a conventional picture, which brings precision to your analysis. Facebook used a database of 4 million photos of 4000 people to teach the system (configured as a neural network) to find similarities in the faces.

There are nine layers of simulated neurons with 120 million connections including those used to teach Deepface to distinguish one face from another, and recognize when two photos show the same person but the position of the face is different.

However it is not the first of its kind, since storage services like Picassa photo of Google, Apple iPhoto and Microsoft Windows Live Gallery, have this facial recognition feature.

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