Five High School Students In Tucson Planned To Kill A Fellow

Posted On 20 Mar 2015
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Tag: Five high school students arrested in Tucson for killing their fellow, Five high school students arrested in Tucson murder of another student

Four of those arrested are minors and their names are being withheld while one more is 18 years old.

Five high school students in Tucson were arrested late Wednesday for masterminding the murder of another student on campus, according to local authorities revealed.

Tucson police reported that five youths were taken to the Pima County Jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

According to Tucson News Now, the teens had a detailed plan of how they would carry out the attack in high Flowing Wells located at 3725 N. Flowing Wells Road.

It should be noted that four of the detainees are minors and their names are being withheld while one more is 18 and was identified as Christopher Gibson.

Police learned of the plan after a student speak with management about it, said a statement issued by the authorities.

In the report, some agents began interviewing several young until they discovered that five teens were planning to commit a crime.

One of the detained students carried a knife to school, which was found in his possession by school personal.

All young people involved were located and police determined that the crime would not be an act of random violence, but was related to problems that the suspects had with the victim.

The Superintendent of Flowing Wells, David Baker, sent a letter to parents about the case, calling the fact “puzzling and surprising”, but clarified that all students involved have been arrested.

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