Google Glass Is Sold In The U.S. Indefinitely

Posted On 15 May 2014
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Although in beta stage, Google Glass is now on sale in the U.S. indefinitely.

Anyone in the U.S. can now buy a pair of glasses to Google. Google Glass, although still in the testing stage, said Tuesday the company said in a posting on its blog.

Google said it “decided to move to a more open beta” adding that anyone in America can buy glasses with internet as long as inventory.

During April, Google opened sales of the device to the public for one day in the U.S. for $ 1,500 to make it available to a broader few users as application developers chosen group.

Google, said he is still working to improve hardware and software product, not detail how many lenses available for sale, or if there will be more items available once inventory is depleted.

The consumer version would go on sale to the general public in late 2014.

Google Glass, which features an electronic screen the size of a frame mounted on the side of a pair of eyeglasses stamp can record video, access email, providing step-by-step to drive and retrieve information from the network to connect wirelessly to the cell phone user.

Google Glass has also generated some safety concerns, which has led some legislators to propose bans against the unit.

The June 25 will be held Google I / O developer conference finder, and the firm could announce news on this platform and their possible integration with Wear Android, its operating system for wearable devices.

The consumer version would go on sale to the general public at the end of 2014.

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