Gunfire At A Nightclub Left Three Dead

Posted On 26 Dec 2013
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Three people died and two were injured in a shooting on Christmas night in a night club.

The shooting started when a security guard noticed a man trying to enter the armed premises.

Three people died and two were wounded by bullets during a shooting on Christmas night in a night club in New Jersey.

The shooting took place in a nightclub in the town of Irvington, police confirmed.

Authorities said the shooting occurred during an argument within the local Slick’s Go Go Bar.

The three victims were declared dead inside the nightclub, while the two injured were taken to hospital in Newark. Both had gunshot wounds.

Witnesses said they heard at least a dozen shots at the doors of the club, where a hundred customers was said agency Efe.

The newspaper said in its online page that the shooting occurred around midnight after a security guard realized that a customer who tried to enter the venue was armed.

A police source who requested anonymity said the man pulled a gun and shot the guard. The victim died at the scene.

The gunman killed a second man outside the club. The newspaper said the second victim was related to the owner of the nightclub.

A third man died of gunshot wounds is believed to be a friend of the suspects in the shooting, said the site. He added that it is not known if the man was killed by the security guards of the premises or was hit during the shootout.

Other suspects fled the scene after the shooting.

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