How To Dress Chic For Your Events Of The Season

Posted On 08 Dec 2014
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I get the holiday season and with it come the frenzy to celebrate all the successes of this year and so you know how to dress for every occasion, we tell you how you can have the looks on.

If the year-end party of your business we recommend going sober but without losing the style, you can choose to go with a ‘look’ masculine that gives a unique style. Here your shoes should be the star of your outfit, to balance the whole outfit, these should be enough female.

White is highly recommended, because even dinner with this color you give an air of freshness to night.

If you live in a more classic style and do not like to take many risks you should play it safe with a black dress that will make you look casual and elegant. You will not fail.

The classic ‘little black dress‘ spiced with special heels, are a sure bet for a social event.

You must remember that although no official colors of the time and see everywhere does not mean that we should use them from head to toe, better opt for a classic and adds something that highlights your outfit. For example, a belt, a handbag or maxicollar color you life.

Sometimes there are accessories that we forget to contemplate for these dates. If dinner year-end of your work do not forget to change the big bag, a kind of where you should only take, your cell phone, money and a lip for the rest of the night. This will make the difference in the event that you are being noticed; we suggest you find one with your style.

With your coworkers know that you feel in confidence but not to be missed is the idea that celebration, takes great cares both your makeup and your hairstyle. Keep it simple for you highlight your elegance.

For more elegant dinners can use the metal, applications or a flirty transparency. Remember that you are a real dinner celebration and if you make a family celebration must be fixed for pleasure.

Transparencies are a commitment to femininity, the only thing you should be careful about is not to be the center of attention teaches more.

A great pair of shoes can raise your ‘look’, change your posture and even improve our mood. So keep in mind these details and searches indicated.

You can even glow with vibrant colors like yellow is a color for those who feel very confident of their beauty.

If you want to show more chic and delicate test tone charm as rosewood or range and light colors that evoke tenderness and romance.

If you opt for a dress or blouse with many applications, it is best that the rest of the ‘look’ is in neutral colors that leave the garment shine.

It is true that more sophisticated gala dinners look a bit more than necessary, so give free rein to eyeliner, or red mouth and even hairstyle with collected or waves.

If your style is a bit more gothic, you can choose to add a little color to black, for example with dresses that have any detail or just combined.

Another type of events that are recurrent in this period are the dinners with friends, which come together to make a little toast, give hugs and good wishes, for such celebrations should go casual. A ‘jumpsuit’ bicolor or a modern combination that highlights your attributes is perfect.

Many times these dinners you have them after work, but that does not mean you subtract importance to your outfit, you can change your pants type lack a peplum at the end of the day and will look super sophisticated.

You can also change you decide on comfortable shoes for a daring stilettos and you’ll make all the difference.

Remember that the best options are those that make you feel confident and comfortable, and if they can emphasize your best qualities, better!

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