Immigrants Do Not Give Up And Will Hit The Streets On February 22

Posted On 11 Feb 2014
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Immigrants from Los Angeles, California, back to the streets on February 22 to return to ask Congress to pass immigration reform, and the government to stop the deportations.

This February 22 the streets of Los Angeles are taken in March and will meet with Pope Francisco.

In the past two weeks the scene of immigration reform recorded an unexpected turn. First Republicans issued a “list of principles”, then said there is no debate in 2014, immediately blamed President Barack Obama for the failure in the House and there will be no vote until after the November elections and Finally, Sen. inclusive approve asap but asked to come into force in 2017.

“Any of these scenarios is worse than we had in late December and early January,” he told Juan Jose Gutierrez, president of the Latino Movement USA Los Angeles, California. “Not what we expected, but do not give up,” he said.

January ended with the presentation of a “set of principles” developed during a Republican conclave in Maryland. The document included a hard path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, who lack criminal records, pay taxes, canceling large fines, speak English and guilty of violating U.S. immigration laws are declared.


The list did not include or dates or times out to get residency (green card or green card). One mentioned that before take walk any kind of benefit, they must first be fulfilled all other security requirements, including the closure of the border to undocumented crossing and activation of a biometric system to track foreigners entering and leaving the country, among other requirements.

While the list did not mention a timetable was Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who warned, the program Al Punto, Univision Network, the debate could be extended beyond 2014.

When asked if the list of political principles could become “another story” and at the end of the day do nothing Congress, Ros-Lehtinen said “may be another story. I’m not going to make a promise that this is going to make. ”

Wave of rejections

Following the statements of Ros-Lehtinen Republican leaders confirmed that there will be no reform this year and the President of Congress, John Boehner (Ohio) said quoted in a press conference “how difficult it is to move on this issue (immigration reform ) this year (2014). ”

“Many of the members (House Republicans) did not trust that the reform we’re talking about takes place, as it is decided,” he added.

Hours later, the legislator Raul Labrador, one of the Republicans who joined the Group of Eight, who secretly drafted a plan to legalize the 11 million undocumented immigrants that never saw the light of day, he told that reform immigration was dead. “We’re not going to have immigration reform,” he said.

“I do not think there will be immigration reform. Really there is not enough faith (trust) between the House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) and the president that we can reach an agreement, “he added.

The government’s response

Republicans posture and signs were answered by the White House on Monday. He said the refusal of Republicans to push reform in the House of Representatives is outside the trust that exists on President Barack Obama and said the brake is caused by internal division caused by the subject.

“I do not suggest that the problems Republicans have with this issue is the fault of the President, or that are attributable to a lack of confidence (to the president),” said White House spokesman, Jay Carney.

Last week, a White House source said there was no reason not to pass immigration reform in 2014 and in the floor of the lower house’s 218 votes ready to vote on it at any time.

The March 22

While Democrats and Republicans accuse each other and wield their strategies in an election year part time, activists are pressing ahead with their strategies.

“On February 22 we will return to the streets to demand immigration reform and to stop deportations,” Gutierrez said. “We invite the president to join us, but he has not responded yet if we will come with us.”

The movement led to President Gutiérrez sent more than 1,500 letters asking to join the march to pressure the Republican leadership. “We do not say it will not come because the White House has not responded to us. You can come and march with us. Until you tell us otherwise, we will continue waiting.”

Why invitation

Incitement to Obama came after President uttered in November at the University of Berkeley, San Francisco, a discourse on immigration and mentioned the urgent need to pass immigration reform, and that to achieve this was to keep the pressure on Republicans to support the bill already passed by the Senate.

“The easy way out is to try to scream and pretend that I can do something bypassing laws. And what I am proposing is to take the hard way and use our democratic process to achieve the same goals you want to reach, “Obama said.

The organizations defending the rights of immigrants and call for comprehensive immigration reform replies “using our democratic process” to twist out to the Republicans in the House of Representatives took seriously.

As soon as possible

Gutierrez reiterated that “demonstrations are the best expressions of democracy” and noted that during the march Feb. 22 in Los Angeles to ask for a vote back in the plane as soon as possible.

“And we will ask the government to stop the deportations. Now with almost 2 million deportees from the January 20, 2009, “he said.

The activist also announced that on March 22, will meet with the Pope at the Vatican Francisco to deliver hundreds of letters from children and youth in California who ask the head of the Catholic Church to intercede with the White House and Congress to put a halt to deportations and immigration reform is passed.

“We have the stage December but our movement stands. We hope that this mobilization will motivate other organizations to take to the streets and use the democratic process, as the president said, to ask the Republicans in the House of Representatives vote subject to comprehensive immigration reform, “he said.

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