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Posted On 11 Apr 2015
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Jeb Bush criticized the meeting between Obama and Castro in Panama

The former Florida Governor Jeb Bush criticized the US president, Barack Obama, gave him the hand of his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro, at the Summit of the Americas and called the president of Cuba of “cruel dictator”.

Obama meets with Castro, but refused to meet with (Benjamin) Netanyahu. Why legitimize a cruel dictator of a repressive regime?” Bush wrote in his account of the social network Twitter.

The former governor and possible candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2016 election was referring to Obama’s refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister early last month, when unilateral invitation congressional Republicans gave a speech to the plenary lawmakers in the absence of a few weeks before the elections in Israel, where he was reelected.

At the opening ceremony of the summit, opened on Friday attended by 34 heads of State and Government of the continent, Obama and Castro were greeted and shook hands without the two leaders maintained a “substantial question” explained spokesperson for the National Security Council at the White House, Bernadette Meehan. However, the two leaders scheduled for Saturday a meeting in the framework of the summit, a meeting that will be historic after more than fifty years without relations between the US and Cuba.

In line with Bush, the Florida Republican Congressman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen also rejected the handshake between Obama and Castro.

“The handshake between Obama and Castro shows that the Administration shake hands bloody tyrant. Legitimizing to hurt the Cuban pro-democracy activist’s regime,” argued the legislator also in social networks.

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