Jim Harbaugh On Set In Texas: Are You Trying To Be Funny?

Posted On 13 Dec 2013
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In a profession full of leading personalities, it may not be a more competitive coach Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers. So do not be surprised if Harbaugh mocked the notion that the NFL could stop for a possible vacancy in Texas.


“Are you trying to be funny?” Harbaugh said at a news conference when asked about a possible interest of the Longhorns. “I never talk about any job other than the one I have.”

Harbaugh came to Stanford, coming off a 1-11 mark and immediately got involved in a fight with the best time college coach, Pete Carroll of USC. The Trojans were in the midst of his incredible run of seven consecutive Pac-10 titles and appearances in BCS bowls, but Harbaugh did not mind in the least.

That confidence was rewarded with a stunning victory over USC 24-23 at home, one of the biggest surprises in the history of college football. Two years later, the Cardinal delivered a humiliating 55-21 defeat in the same field, leading to the memorable phrase “what’s your problem?” Harbaugh Carroll.

With the 49ers, Harbaugh got in trouble with the coach of the Detroit Lions Jim Schwartz in a heated post-match greeting. Harbaugh also showed little interest in the narrative of “Brothers Bowl” Super Bowl when he played with his brother John.

And I supposed that Harbaugh will change the highest level of competition for the Longhorns policies? Unlikely. For Harbaugh to win a Super Bowl, held for five minutes and start thinking about how to win the second.

Harbaugh’s how it works, which enabled him to become the “Captain Comeback” quarterback and then made Stanford and the 49ers contenders to the title almost immediately. Even with lots of money, great facilities and access to recruits, Texas grant would represent a failure.

There is no sentimentality; no one craves the thrill of amateur game. When asked if both coaching as the son of a coach could have empathy for Charlie Weis after deal it the defeat that ended his pass by Notre Dame and Harbaugh just looked blankly and not waste a second thinking about Weis when no longer needed to make a game plan.

Perhaps the status of being the highest paid coach in the history of American sports, say, 10 years and $ 100 million, could generate interest along with the opportunity to master a mediocre Big 12 that virtually guarantee go to the new format collegiate playoffs every year.

But in the almost impossible case that Carroll took the reins in Oklahoma … that might be enough to make Harbaugh wants to wear orange.

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