Kim Kardashian Flashed Her Underwear In A Transparent Dress

Posted On 27 Mar 2014
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  • Kim Kardashian left us with an open mouth.

  • TV star left little to the imagination.
  • Kim Kardashian walked with a transparent dress that exposed her underwear.
  • Although her underpants was not very sexy.

  • Rather, it was huge!
  • It showed a giant black short.
  • Although it was not the flirtiest clothing, knights lost sight.

  • Kim got this revealing dress to perform at the show ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’.
  • Like her look?

  • It is well known that Kanye West will choose the clothes his wife.
  • Sometimes it is very wise, but others make her look so ridiculous.
  • This time it was on the brink of ridiculousness.
  • She looked with some extra pounds.
  • Kim Kardashian left her blond hair.
  • She returned to her dark tone hair, do you like it?
  • She jumped little love handles.
  • Yet Kim was very proud of her image.
  • Apparently not know the saying, “what fashion fits you.”
  • This was not her best look.
  • Good luck for the next!
  • But it is not the first time we see her with transparencies.
  • Remember this look?

  • It caused a sensation with her sexy blouse.
  • The cameras did not miss the opportunity to capture it well.
  • Apparently Kanye loves it with this type of clothing.
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