Kylie Jenner Lost The Shame And Showed Panties

Posted On 24 Feb 2015
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  • The smallest of the Kardashian lost her modesty with her camera phone and showed panties!
  • On another occasion this wig was tested and, with even thicker than before lips, was unrecognizable.

  • She said that if she were, I would use “sports bras” and boxers every day.
  • Here she confessed that just discovered that she could take “selfies” with the front camera on her phone … and nobody in the world believes her.
  • Kylie Jenner showed off her great body in the photo of her Instagram. What abs!
  • So celebrated the arrival of 2015.
  • Celebrating with her sister Kendall Jenner Bruce and daddy in the background.

  • Her outfit for Christmas 2014. What slender!
  • And with her sisters on the feast of the Kardashian.
  • Kylie Jenner had a very special little gift: a puppy!

  • Kylie Jenner wanted to bite her sister Kendall. Of course, with those awful lips!
  • The smallest of the Kardasahian has continued to pull hair.
  • And when you get tired of that, she puts it back on. It’s that easy!
  • But do not think Kylie Jenner went crazy, rather she had an idea of ​​hairs.
  • Kylie Jenner starts making money in droves with an emporium.
  • It launched the world ‘Kylie Hair’ line for hair extensions.
  • Kylie Jenner turned to the experts to promote their new brand of hair extensions in the James Kendall Salon in Beverly Hills.
  • This young lady was inspired by each of the makeover that has presumed to us.

  • Hence arose the idea of ​​launching a line extension, how are you?
  • The lower Kardashian-Jenner clan part of this project announced through her Instagram account.
  • A video where she appeared saying: “Kylie Hair soon… sooo excited”.
  • As you may realize, this woman wants to follow the same steps of her sisters.
  • The smaller of the Kylie Jenner has become a controversial girl.

  • Not just for the environment in which it has been developing, but also for all the things she does.
  • From her eccentric makeover, which make overturn immediately.
  • Even her lips that have suffered a rare and incredible transformation.
  • Surgery? Kylie Jenner never accepted, but her lips said the contrary.
  • We do not understand why still so beautiful; insist on wanting to change their faces.
  • How do you think will go with your new project for hair extensions?
  • Hopefully this business and keep busy and not do more things in the face.
  • Kylie Jenners surely we will continue more surprises.
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