Large Number Of Teenagers Are Sufferers Of Drug Trafficking In Mexico

According to the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico (Redim) Mexican adolescents are victims of a new variant of trafficking, which enslaves and increasingly used because of their condition of vulnerability.

He also revealed that the country between 25 and 30 thousand children are victims of drug trafficker.

What do you think of the young women involved in drug trafficking?

Juan Martin Perez, executive director of the agency, said the violence in the country has normalized and organized crime has gained ground to state fragility.

During the presentation of the report “Childhood counts in Mexico 2013” said that only in 2006 to date, the Redim has posted about two thousand homicides of children linked to organized crime, which further impunity prevails.

Chihuahua is the state most affected

According to the document, violent deaths in people aged zero to 17 years old facts have increased in recent years, and while in 2000 the homicide rate was 1.7 children for 2011 rose to four.

Moreover, in the age range 15 to 17 years the death rate from homicide increased to 15.7 per 100 thousand inhabitants, against 3.1 in 2000, said portal.

Note that the murders by firearms in fewer than 18 increased from 299 in 2006 to 946 in 2012.

According to the report, states that observe higher rates of homicide mortality in this sector of the population are Chihuahua with 91.6%, 48.8%, and Guerrero with 46% Nuevo León.

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