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Posted On 10 Feb 2014
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The advent of the smartphone has enriched the lives of many enthusiastic users. For almost everything in life, there is now an app available, so why not to help you lose weight? But some apps do offer very special guidance. The waste app Carrot Fit example. Not for the faint-hearted!


Those who like a few (or many) would lose pounds could use some motivation. The creators of the Carrot Fit app have a very original way to find the user of the app to motivate: by him or her to insult. You enter your weight, and the app does the rest.

How does the Carrot Fit App you lose weight?

In the app store are numerous apps available that try to motivate touching. Lose a few pounds Encouraging words, a shot in the arm exercises that will consume your calories … The developers of the Carrot Fit App tackle losing weight very differently. You do not fall off fast enough, then turn the app you with all sorts of insults around the ears, “Look at yourself, hunk of meat!” and the cruel but funny “Your weight starts to affect the Earth’s orbit around the sun.” Not exactly strung so, but that is not the purpose of this app. No, you should be ashamed of you, until you’re tired of your weight so that you would rather lose weight than anything. Behold your motivation.

How does the Carrot Fit app?

The Carrot Fit app has basically not even so much for the body. You fill your starting weight and then stick to your weight at each time. The app then calculates whether you’ve lost weight or have arrived, and just how many pounds it goes. On this basis, the app decides “how hard you should be addressed. You have arrived or will not fall off the app hard enough, and then the insults fill the air.

The creators of the Carrot Fit app

The Carrot Fit app comes from the same sheath as Carrot Alarm app. Also, this app is anything but friendly, even if it’s not he intended to help with weight loss: it is an alarm clock. And it was one that challenges you with some activity, so it actually has no desire to snooze button. Carrot To-Do is also the developer of the Carrot Fit App. Carrot To-Do is a task scheduler that is angry with the user if he or she fails to complete a particular activity. And now there’s Carrot Fit, the foul-mouthed app that helps you lose weight. Not for the faint-hearted, but for people whose motivation (to) benefit from a healthy dose of self-mockery.

Opinions about the Carrot Fit app

Opinions about the Carrot Fit app are divided. Thus one sees the app as an innocent extension to lose weight over all apps that are already available, and the other would prefer to get the app from the market because of the coarse language. Swearing, even if it is through an app that the user has downloaded itself, does indeed hurt people and can provide a sense of inferiority. Even for people who are already highly affected by their weight but who are unable to lose weight (for example, people with bulimia), the app is absolutely not suitable. The developer itself predicts that the app in 74.9% of cases leads to tears at the user, especially when you have a few consecutive days did not manage to lose weight. However, other people’s insulting texts from the app just as a boost. Perhaps because the shame is to drive them, perhaps because they feel challenged by the app. Also, many users will Carrot Fit app rather than perceived as offensive, but more as a sharp wit, similar to some comedians.

Where can you get the Carrot Fit-app purchase?

Want the Carrot Fit app to your phone, you can’t for an amount of 2.45$ download in the App Store. The Carrot Fit app is available for both iPhones and devices running on Android. Rather not through your phone? Then you can have course one of the other garbage apps order. There are now many apps available that help the user to lose weight.

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