Mcdonald’s Remove Chicken And Milk With Antibiotics And Artificial Hormones In USA

Posted On 05 Mar 2015
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The junk food giant McDonald’s announced Wednesday that removed from their menu chicken raised with antibiotics that are crucial to human health, as fears grow over key drug resistance.

McDonald’s, primarily a hamburger chain also sells several meals of chicken and announced that working with poultry breeders to reduce antibiotic use, accurate Agence France Presse.

The decision will involve changes in the long chain of chicken industrialization favoring widespread use of antibiotics also used in human medicine.

McDonald’s hopes to implement new restrictions on its 14,000 distributors in the next two years in the United States.

“Our customers just want foods that make them feel good, from the farm to the restaurant,” the president of McDonald’s USA, Mike Andres, according to the appointment of Efe said in a statement.

McDonald’s also no longer offer dairy products from cows that have been treated with artificial growth hormone rBST (recombinant bovine somatropin).

This is the last efforts of the company to change their menus and better meet the preferences of consumers demanding healthier foods.

The giant fast food chain is trying to change its image provider junk foods to face increasing competition from smaller companies that are presented as healthier alternatives, adds The Associated Press.

McDonald’s has always fought the negative images of their food, but their vulnerability has grown as more people opt for foods made with ingredients considered better quality. The Chipotle and Panera chains say they serve chicken raised without antibiotics. The campaign for “clean labels” has led many companies in the industry to examine the standards of its suppliers and ingredients they use.

Finally, Efe remember that last month, the Swiss multinational Nestlé agreed to withdraw artificial colors and flavors of its products in the United States.

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