Meet The New Conquest Of Tom Cruise, Laura Prepon

Posted On 26 Apr 2014
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  • The famous actor has left behind the nightmare of divorce.

  • And apparently been given a second chance at love in the arms of an actress.
  • She is Laura Prepon, the woman who has covered all expectations of the actor.

  • Laura Prepon also belongs to the show, she is an actress.
  • She has become famous for her role as Donna Pinciotti on ‘That ’70s Show’ series.
  • The artist does not have the same fame her boyfriend.

  • However it has many points in its favor.
  • Laura Prepon is a faithful follower of Scientology.
  • Belief that Tom still feverishly.

  • Besides the brunette is very pretty, but these pictures are not very flattering.

  • Friends of the couple say that the lovebirds have several months out.
  • Although initially hidden cameras now have been left out in public.
  • Like your new partner?
  • Several months ago we found some nights out.
  • He gave vent to his single life.
  • I grasp with a mysterious brunette in a couple of occasions.

  • Tom looked very youthful and handsome.
  • Any girl would be happy to go out with him, do not you think?
  • This time we caught out of an upscale restaurant.
  • She was grinning from ear to ear, does it smell romance?
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