Miami Warns Beckham Stadium Cannot Be Built At The Port

Posted On 05 Apr 2014
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MIAMI, Florida - The football stadium that David Beckham wants to build in the port of Miami is facing legal difficulties, since the land that once gave the city can only be used to port activities, declared the Mayor Tomas Regalado.

“The clause is very specific and very clear legally. Says if the land port are not used for port activities, the property reverts to the city of Miami,” said the mayor.

Regalado said he has no intention of going to court “and create an issue”, but warned that the city of Miami wants to “be part of that conversation.”

The mayor was in favor of even consulting the public “in a referendum” so that “the public say whether or not he wants a stadium in the Port of Miami.”

For more than 20 years ago when the land transaction was made, the sales contract made clear that development of the port and its activities are controlled by the Miami-Dade, provided the land is devoted to purely port activities .

According to county spokesman, Fernando Figueredo, for several years has sought to do in the southwestern corner of the harbor; right where the stadium would therefore “cannot be used for cargo ships or cruise because it is shallow.”

According to the county, the text of the contract “is very open to interpretation.”

The county government has considered alternatives such as a yacht marina, along with shops, restaurants and a hotel, among others, which would be “similar to almost all the major ports of the world are complex,” Figueredo said.

Beckham, who was earlier this year awarded a new franchise in Major League Soccer (MLS), has said that the stadium can meet those requirements, and even already submitted sketches.

According to the mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos Gimenez, any plans for the player and his group of investors Beckham Miami United “has to convince me that is the best for the port and for county residents.”

So far, the player has not submitted the initiative officially the Miami-Dade legislative, demanded that include a public space, roads and other facilities, and make clear that you will not use county funds.

On the other hand, said it is premature Giménez any objection, cruise companies and legislators, because Beckham must first face the obstacles placed by the same county.

The first signs of opposition arose among cruise companies, especially Royal Caribbean, and about four Commissioners of Miami-Dade, including its president Rebeca Sosa, who fear increased vehicle traffic and interference with the future expansion of port.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, the only cruise company that has its administrative headquarters in the port and adjacent to the site, expressed his fear of increased automobile traffic and interference with developments they have planned in the grounds.

On the other hand, the county says are unfounded reports indicating that the change in the policy of the Port of Miami to find out a friendlier project manager with Beckham.

This week Juan Kuryla, second in command of the port, replaced Bill Johnson, who spent the direction of the Department of Water and Sewer.

Johnson was promoted earlier this year to authorities in Asia a commercial for the land port, including hotel, apartments, offices and exhibition spaces, but not a stadium complex.

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