Microsoft Is Preparing To Leave Internet Explorer

Posted On 19 Mar 2015
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Microsoft is updated to remain in force.

Microsoft is preparing to leave the mark of your browser at the next version of its operating system, Windows 10, which will be released this fall.

A few months ago the company announced that this new version of Windows include a new browser, now known as Spartan project, much faster and based on the new web standards. This browser, now available in beta, will be the new way to access the network for the vast majority of Windows users.

But eventually the browser will not get the name of Internet Explorer or derivatives of the same brand. According to the head of marketing for the company, Chris Capossela, the company is considering a new name and abandons the use of Internet Explorer permanently.

Microsoft, however, does not end with his old browser immediately. According to the specialized technology ‘The Verge’ environment, the company expects to maintain a current browser version of Internet Explorer for certain active business customers. The decision was motivated by the needs of compatibility with some of the already installed web applications and it would be necessary to develop for the Spartan browser.

The controversial Microsoft browser functioned as de facto standard for web during the late 90s and the first decade of the century, when the company managed to unseat Netscape as the most used tool to access the web.

The latest statistics give Microsoft more than 57% of the browser market when different versions of Active Explorer are added. Chrome with 25%, is the second most used browser.


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