Mitt Romney Is Discarded As A Candidate To The White House In 2016

Posted On 31 Jan 2015
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Mitt Romney, former presidential candidate who challenged Barack Obama in the race of 2012, ended rumors about his possible candidacy with a view to 2016. He himself said he will not make a third run for the White House.

The former governor of Massachusetts shared his decision in a telephone conference with a small group of advisors.

In a second call to a larger group of adherents, Romney dared to make the official announcement: “After thinking about making another run for the presidency, I have decided it is better to give other party leaders the opportunity to become our next candidate, “said Republican.

By not seeking a third attempt to reach the White House, Romney and released dozens of donors and operators who were at a crossroads for waiting your decision. So the space for other center-right candidates have a potential career, as is the case of Jeb Bush, former Florida Governor and Presidential blood is created.

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Other possible candidates are the governors of Wisconsin, Indiana and New Jersey. They are Scott Walker, Mike Pence and Chris Christie. Also sounding names Dick Perry, former governor of Texas and Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

Romney, 67, had repeatedly expressed renewed interest and fight again for the Republican nomination and then the presidency.

Several of his most loyal supporters and sympathizers had been reluctant to talk about potential rivals Romney until a final decision is not know.

Today it is a reality; Romney does not want another try. Some of his children are beginning to move to other potential candidates.

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Last week, in a meeting that lasted more than four hours, according to The New York Times, trusted advisors Romney broadcast a sad reality: would support Romney and thought it would be the best president, but not necessarily showed animated by a third term.

From Thursday night there were rumors that something would happen today. A mail from the address alerted her supporters on a telephone conference on Friday morning.

“Please join me in a call tomorrow at 11 am EST, 8:00 a.m. PT” Romney wrote dialup adding information.

He said goodbye with, “All the best, Mitt”.

Mitt Romney was presented in the 2008 presidential elections and it was not the primary. In 2012 he was defeated by President Barack Obama.

Romney was born in Detroit; Michigan in March 1947.He is an American businessman and politician who was governor of Massachusetts.

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