Newsweek: Russian Superavianosets Challenge The United States As A Superpower

Posted On 28 Apr 2015
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Tag: Russia try to challenge the world order, Russian superavianosets challenge United States as superpower

Given the implementation of new projects on military modernization should be no surprise that Russia wants to build its own superavianosets (aircraft carrier), writes American edition Newsweek.

Constructing superavianosets (aircraft carrier), Russia could call into question the world order, is headed by the United States, and says the American edition of Newsweek.

One of the main tools of the United States in projecting its power is huge fleet of aircraft carriers: Currently, the US has 11 aircraft carriers capable of carrying on board more than 70 aircraft. Carriers have participated in almost all armed conflicts the United States since World War II.

During the Cold War, CCCR also had its own fleet of aircraft carriers, but now in the possession of the Russian fleet is only one - the “Admiral Kuznetsov”. Given the new projects of Russia’s military modernization, within which to develop new nuclear submarines, aircraft and armored vehicles, should be no surprise that Russia wants to build its own superavianosets.

Whether it is worth it, because Russia’s foreign policy is focused on addressing regional issues, for which the carrier is not required. “Russia - a strong power, which occupies a dominant position in the region and has on its neighbor’s powerful influence that the strength is matched only by the influence of China,” - commented the American journalist. - While Russia may shift the focus of its foreign policy in such a way as to provide a more large-scale global presence, such a change would require significant financial and policy amendments. ”

One of the main problems, in addition to the cost of the aircraft carrier, will be to find military bases and ports of call for regional aircraft carrier outside the sphere of influence of Russia. At present, Russia has only one such military base - in Syria, but the government is working on a solution to the problem. “Build a new aircraft carrier, Russia will try to challenge the world order, is headed by the United States,” - concludes the American journalist.

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  1. Kit Holz Reply

    For the sake of humanity and freedom we need Russian and Chinese representation in the oceans.

    The Yankee stinks! The Yankee claims to be the savior of democracy and freedom and has failed miserably.

    Go home Ami!

  2. mildlypissed Reply

    Considering how the French & Chinese have demonstrated these carriers are sitting ducks to submarines, I can’t imagine the Russians wasting the money to build them.

  3. Михаил Войцеховский Reply

    In my opinion, Russia will not be spending money on an aircraft carrier. It is very unwise investment. We are not a colonial power, and we do not need such machines to intimidate small countries. In order to effectively protect our country and our allies, we have enough other weapons.

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