Nintendo Is Preparing A New Console

Posted On 19 Mar 2015
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The Nintendo 3Ds maintains one of the industry leaders.

In a press conference in Tokyo, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo CEO, confirmed that the company is working on a new console, codenamed NX.

In the event, Nintendo announced its decision to collaborate with the company DeNA to enter the gaming market for smartphone. Iwata assured those present that the company will not abandon the creation of new hardware, which results in the development of NX.

Iwata said: “As proof that Nintendo has a strong enthusiasm in the business dedicated to gaming systems, let me confirm that presently Nintendo is developing a platform game with a totally new concept named NX code is too early to detail the particulars of this project, but we hope to share more information with you next year. ”

As for the entry of the company into the world of mobile gaming, Iwata said: “The challenge of asking consumers who purchase hardware dedicated to games has become more difficult now that smart devices have spread yet we recognize that our business model based on producing both gaming hardware and software is effective to this day and we do not share the pessimistic view of the future for dedicated gaming systems.”

In recent years Nintendo has innovated by incorporating three-dimensional touch screen on the 3DS and the Wii was a resounding sales success with its motion controls. In contrast, the Wii U with its touch panel has not achieved the expected sales and the fact that Iwata has said that the company is working on a new console leads us to ask whether the next Zelda scheduled for the Wii U is an attempt to revive the console or in the case of his work farewell.

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