Nintendo Will Not Allow Gay Relationships

The Nintendo 3DS is available in different colors.

Portable devices next Nintendo game players will enter a virtual world where they can make friends, flirt, even marry and have children.

But these cannot be romantic relationships between characters of the same gender-a fact that a growing movement hopes to change the network.

Tye Marini, 23, is described as a fan of Nintendo. The man from Mesa, Arizona, was excited to learn Tomodachi Life, a version of a game of “life simulation” previously available in Japan and will be released in North America for the Nintendo 3DS next month.

However, the excitement down when he learned his avatar in the game-or in the language of Mii Nintendo-could only romantically involved with, as opposed to representing her fiancé in real life female character.

And, therefore, born # Miiquality.

Launched last month, the campaigns on social networks Marini began to gain followers on Facebook and Twitter, where like-minded players ask reconsider Nintendo game.

“By excluding same-sex relationships in a game focused on relationships like this are really excluding a lot of people,” Marini told CNN affiliate KTVK.

In the game, users create or import your Mii with which they can interact with characters representing other real world friends in your network.

“The situation would not be so great if courtships or marriages were a big part of the game,” Marini said in the video created to advertise the campaign. “The relationships and interactions between the Mii characters in the game, coupled with their relationships in real life, is what would make the game so appealing … Failing to make an appointment or marry a genre that I’m not attracted in real life I take a full immersion and fun. ”

Nintendo never tried to make any form of social commentary with the release of Tomodachi Life,” the company said in a statement.

“The choices of relationships in the game represent a wider than simulating real life world. Expect all our fans see that Tomodachi Life was created as a whimsical and quirky game, and you absolutely do not try to give a social commentary”.

At a time when barriers fall same-sex marriage throughout the U.S., Nintendo’s stance could be a problem for public relations of the company still faces falling revenues due to low sales of its Wii U console.

Marini told KTVK that “there is a great concern” in the options of dating in a video game. But noted that a popular game like The Sims, a franchise of life simulation released by Electronic Arts in 2000, has allowed same-sex relationships for years.

He said he realized that although Nintendo would make a change, it is too late to do it before it’s released in America. But expected to launch an update once it is for sale, or permit same-sex relationships in future titles.

Marini specifically said he is not calling for a boycott of the game, ensuring that it would do more harm than good.

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