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Posted On 26 Mar 2014
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The virtual assistant Android, Now Google has finally made the jump to desktop computers, because from now on will be available in Chrome.

While the feature was already included in some versions of the browser test, is so far the arrival of Google Now has been made official on Windows and Mac

Thus, Chrome users will have direct access to cards virtual assistant for viewing information related to weather, traffic, flight tickets, reminders and calendar appointments, among other details.

Yes, in order to use Google now from a computer or laptop, it is necessary to have a mobile device that has the application installed. Therefore, the user must access Chrome (section “Login” in the Setup menu) with the same account you have on your smartphone or tablet, for geolocation data are obtained from the device.

The feature is already available in the latest version of the browser, but will be activated gradually, so does not despair if you do not already have. And for those not interested in having an assistant from the desktop, you can disable it on Windows and Mac via the notification center.

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