Obama Launches New Plan That Aims To Reduce Health Care Costs

Posted On 27 Mar 2015
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The project aims to link payments more “quality” than the quantity of services provided.

US President Barack Obama unveiled a new plan to try to reduce the cost of medical care in the country, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of his health care reform, which continues the target of Republican attacks.

As Obama said during a ceremony at the White House, it is about creating a network in which they have committed to participate more than 2,800 health care providers, patients and advocacy groups consumer to link payments for health care, more “quality” than the quantity of services provided.

According to the White House, there are “inefficiencies” in the health system that can put “health and pocket” of patients, such as stay in hospital longer than necessary, or excessive red tape that can lead to information “crucial “I miss going from primary care specialists.

Obama said he already knows “what works to reduce infections in hospitals or to help patients with complex needs,” so it comes with the new network, “sharing these good practices, these good ideas.”

The president used the act primarily to highlight the results of its health reform, enacted in 2010.

The call Affordable Care Act Health (ACA) aims to extend health coverage to the entire population and establishes the obligation to purchase insurance, more controversial hand and harshly criticized by the Republican opposition.

According to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 11 million people have gained access to health coverage through the law, although there are still 37 million who have no insurance.

The Government raises the number of people who have obtained health coverage, thanks to the reform, to more than 16 million, it includes the last period open to purchase medical insurance, culminating in February.

The reform “is working better than many, including me, anticipated,” Obama said citing the data of more than 16 million insured or guaranteed by law preventive care such as immunizations, or contraceptive coverage at no additional cost, among others.

The Supreme Court saved reform in 2012, considered the greatest achievement in national policy of Obama, with a ruling in which it upheld its constitutionality, but last November announced his decision to accept a new lawsuit against the law.

The lawsuit is against federal subsidies to buy health insurance, a key piece of the law and the Supreme regard is expected in June.

Meanwhile, Republicans have tried dozens of times to remove the bill in Congress, which have a majority in both houses since January, but without success.

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