Obama Spoke Of Education Amid Protests By Venezuela And Deportations

Posted On 08 Mar 2014
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President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in school Coral Reef Miami, Florida.


The president visited South Florida where immigrant activists asked him to stop the deportations.

Before an excited group of students, President Barack Obama on Friday came to Miami, Florida, to discuss education and opportunities, Univision reported the news. But outside the school there were two demonstrations, one of immigrants and other Venezuelans.

Accompanied by his wife, Michelle Obama, the president visited the Coral Reef High School where he spoke of his efforts to promote access to education and urged students to strive to thereby qualifying for a high quality education.

“The belief that no matter where you come from or what your last name, if you work hard you will succeed in America is what this country is about,” Bush said.

Meanwhile, outside of school, there were two groups of protesters. One composed of exiled Venezuelans who asked Obama to do something to stop the repression of the opposition movement, the other composed of immigrants who asked him to stop the deportations.

“We’ll be everywhere until President Obama stop the deportations of our families,” said one of the activists of the concentrations.

“We are here for him (Obama) we know that we know he has the power to stop deportations and he can do. And are demanding to do it, “said José Machado, the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

According to Machado, the 2 million deportations that have taken place under President Obama has ended the honeymoon sometime seemed to have with the immigrant community.

Now the claim is that the president uses his power as president and stops the deportation proceedings with an executive order.

The organizations say that if you do not have to hear their voices in each of his visits across the country.

“No matter the location, status, he has to listen to the message, cannot help it, cannot go through the friend of immigrants while deporting so many people, so many families apart,” said Jonathan Freid, of the We Count based organization in Homestead, south of the state.

But the immigration issue was not the only one who was present at Obama’s visit to the capital of the sun. A large group of Venezuelans appointment also gave opposite the school where the president trying to draw attention was.

“We call on President Obama to help us with that pressure in Venezuela, to help us get all those people who really do not deserve to be in Venezuela,” said Anita Sosa, a Venezuelan activist.

Other activists said that such demonstrations should be repeated in other countries with other leaders that way for the world to hear the cry of Venezuelans in exile.

“We approached President Barack Obama, he touched my hand and we saw the flag and said help,” said one protester.

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