Obama Warns Congress against Manufactured Catastrophe

He said that Washington must change

The U.S. Congress must avoid one crisis after another and instead work to create jobs, said Saturday President Barack Obama in his weekly radio program.


“At a time when our economy needs more growth and jobs crises in recent weeks made ​​Real did damage to employment and growth,” said Obama, two days after the Congress agreed in extreme raise the roof the country’s debt, removing the risk of a default and resulting in the reopening of the government , said the Agency France Press.

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Obama said that even with the crisis resolved, Republicans and Democrats will not agree on everything. But, he said, both sides find common ground. Obama presses Congress to act this year on the budget, a farm bill and immigration reform, limits The Associated Press.

According to AFP, economists point out that the partial government shutdown cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars, for the money it stopped spending hundreds of thousands of workers on leave without pay and loss of tourism, among other reasons.

The agreement ran the problem Congress just a few weeks, since only keep the government open until January 15 and the legal limit for borrowing until February 7.

“It is understandable that frustration with what happens in Washington is at an all time high,” said Obama to Americans.

Working Together

The president said Democrats and opposition Republicans can work together in various areas to promote economic growth, as in a new budget that is fiscally responsible, and immigration reform to formalize the status of millions of undocumented workers who could pay taxes.

“I have colleagues in both parties willing to do the job,” Obama said.

“There is no reason we cannot govern responsibly, without falling into a manufactured crisis after another,” he said.

According to EFE, the president asked, first, that Democrats and Republicans get to work “immediately” on a long-term budget that combines “growth and fiscal responsibility.”

The second objective Congress must pass a comprehensive immigration reform, something you can achieve “later this year” and that the majority of citizens consider “the right way”.

Boost for Immigration Reform

Obama said that immigration reform may be one of the three pillars that strengthen the U.S. economy if Congress does partisan differences aside and takes the legislative debate, reports NOTIMEX while.

“We must finish the job of fixing our broken immigration system works,” Obama said, noting the broad national consensus behind this effort.

The president said that any reform will contribute to economic growth and “protect our borders”.

“The Senate has already passed a bill with strong bipartisan support’s Chamber should too. Most people living in the United States believe that this is the right way. It can and should be done by the end of this year, “he said.

The Republican Response

In the Republican message, Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, said the health care law Obama is an affront to the freedoms that the Founding Fathers fought the United States. He added that its implementation has been a national disgrace, cites the AP.

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