Omg! The New And Extravagant Look Of Kim Kardashian

Posted On 06 Mar 2015
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When we saw Kim Kardashian so mysterious at the airport knew something was up.

What hidden Kim Kardashian?

OMG! Are we seeing well?

Yes, it is Kim Kardashian with Kanye West at the Fashion Week in Paris.

!? Kim Kardashian, but what goes through your head?!

The Kim Kardashian decided to change radically look to surprise in Paris.

Could it have been Kanye responsible for this new look?

Do not know, but girl looks very different. Kris accompanying the couple.

Do not cry Kim Kardashian, you can dye again!

Actually Kim Kardashian is not suffering for her blonde hair, loves!

It seems that the rapper had dumped laughing, is it for some comment about her hair?

So she hid her golden mane cameras.

Do not want anyone to see her hair until she reached Paris.

But something could see through the fabric hat.

She tried to shift her attention to her wedding ring.

But already suspected something was up with Kim Kardashian.

This new look is a huge surprise.

Kim Kardashian had been blonde.

But never TAN blonde.

What do you think, does well the new hair color?

If you want to draw attention to the Fashion Week in Paris, she succeeded.

Kim Kardashian really knows how to steal the attention of the cameras.

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