Overweight And American Eating Habits

Posted On 19 May 2014
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Americans and fast food seem are together. Every American eats only fast food.

Big Mac with lots of calories

What they have seen and where many Americans get enough of lust is the Big Mac. Incidentally, these fast-food topper worldwide well known. Admittedly, there is a lettuce leaf between those towering topper, to suggest that the product belongs to healthy food, but that’s really not the case. A Big Mac contains 572 calories and lots of fat and to think that it is usually considered. As a snack.

Creator of Big Mac

American Jim Delligatti conceived in August 1976, the Big Mac, and now are in the U.S. alone every year many millions sold. In a hundred other countries Burger is also over the counter everywhere with the same recipe.

Fond of sweet and fatty foods

Americans are known for they love to eat outdoors, and many do not even have breakfast at home. Food has become cheap in recent decades, and the portions are usually much higher in America than elsewhere in the world. Americans are fond of sweet and the food is high in calories because of the high fat content. In addition, there are little dairy products consumed. No wonder there are a lot of people suffering from obesity where it is not always going to be a kilo or ten pounds but dozens more.

The day

Breakfast: Many Americans only eat breakfast at home and use the other meals outdoors. Breakfast often consists of grains or airy pancakes and toast with jam or cream cheese. Some of the Americans are English breakfast with fried eggs, bacon and sausages.

Brunch: Very popular in America is a brunch that sometimes does not consist of Big Mac or other fast food but of fried bacon, fat little pancakes, eggs, French toast and fresh fruit actually. In many restaurants, especially on Sundays brunch is such a very popular and can then be ordered between 10:00 and 14:00.

Lunch: Lunch is very cheap outdoors with for example a sandwich if it is given the calories. But many do not and are indulged in …, yes … a Big Mac and one of them than necessary cola with a lot of calories.

Coffee: Coffee comes in many varieties but most Americans like a limp dish. There usually hear something like a snack at donuts or homemade cookies that are produced in large quantities and partly disappear into the freezer.

Main meal: Meat is relatively cheap in America, making the main meal is usually accompanied with large pieces of meat that are often grilled. Doing so is often eaten pasta that is available in many varieties. Boiled potatoes are rarely eaten but appear in various forms on the board as mashed, fries or baked with vegetables there.

Specifically, American

Some special dishes or use by region are:

  • In a wood oven smoked chicken and beef are very popular in the south.
  • Also in the south many dishes fried like country fried steak (fried steak).
  • Dishes with peanuts as peanut soup stand in Virginia often on the menu. Anyhow there are peanuts popular in candy form or seasoned.
  • In the east, the kitchen was heavily influenced by immigrants as Irish and Italians.
  • Due to its location in the highly sought after coastal states shellfish that is cooked or fried.
  • In the Midwest Chicago is known for its pizza and Wisconsin for its cheese. With the long cold winters hearty dishes are preferred. Around the Great Lakes, there is a wide range of freshwater fish.
  • The northwest often salmon on the menu that is eaten in different ways and also smoked and vacuum packed is available.
  • In the Southwest, the kitchen is usually based on Mexican food with lots of tacos and green chili peppers in and around Navajo fried flat bread.
  • The experimental cuisine of California has many unusual combinations.

But with all those dishes and delicacies by very many or no light on the calories are overweight as a result.

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