Paul Augustus Drug Trafficker Executed In Florida

Posted On 28 Feb 2014
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Jamaican drug dealer Paul Augustus Howell was executed in prison in Starke, Florida, for the death of a policeman with a parcel bomb 22 years ago.

Howell, 48, received a lethal injection and was pronounced dead at 18:32 local time (23:32 GMT), according to a spokesman for the office of Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

The Jamaican was sentenced to death after being found guilty of the murder of police Jimmy Fulford, 35, who perished when opening a package bomb that Howell had been in the trunk of a car.

Fulford had stopped the car in which Howell was co-pilot for speeding.

The parcel bomb was hidden in a microwave oven, to be delivered as a gift to two women from the village of Marianna, in northeast Florida, who apparently knew of a murder in which Howell was involved.

The Jamaican, who manufactured the device, gave the officer a fake ID and did not warn him of the danger when reviewing the car.

Howell is the fourth inmate executed with a new drug that has been tested and found to be ineffective, so its use has been questioned in the courts, so far unsuccessful, to be considered a cruel punishment.

Convicted last week lost an appeal in which he argued that the sedative “midazolam”, used in lethal injection, not totally sleep before two other lethal drugs would be administered.

The last execution in Florida was Cuban Juan Carlos Chavez, on February 12, convicted of killing Jimmy Ryce child.

Since capital punishment was restored in Florida in 1976, the state has executed 82 prisoners by lethal injection.

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