Questions You Should Ask Before Taking The ‘I Accept’

Posted On 25 Mar 2014
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  • The road to marriage courtship is full of questions; some are so decisive that the spouses have even shortly before reaching the altar or the registrar. One of the most common is: At what age should get married? When is it too early or too late?

  • According to news agency EFE, in the United States and some European countries such as the UK, Italy and Portugal, the age of consent for marriage is 18 years, although the parties can marry at age 16, if your parents consenting.
  • In general, parents felt that the right age to marry was a year later than they said their children; among other reasons because they felt that their offspring should first get a good education, according to the study published in the journal The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships’.
  • For university students, the ideal age for marriage is 25 years, but for their parents too early. Still, before passing the “I love you” to “yes I do”, the future partner has to answer a number of key questions.
  • In any case and to not make loving outburst led by errors, experts advise members of future marriage a number of key questions arise with the warm heart but a cool head, before taking the “I do”.
  • The Spanish agency cites a study by the U.S. newspaper The New York Times’, attended by psychologists and family affairs, which led to a series of key questions that men and women should respond to reduce the risk of your future marriage break. We show the main ones:
  • Do we both have children? If yes, who is going to devote more time to their education?
  • Do you both have clear what our obligations and economic goals and thought the same about the savings?
  • Have we talked about the kind of home we hope to train and how to organize housework?
  • Is my partner as loving and kind as I hope, and fill me emotionally as much as I need?
  • Can we talk comfortably and openly about our needs, preferences and sexual taboos?
  • Do we listen to each other and we consider considerations, needs and concerns of the other?
  • Do we value and respect each other’s families, and we know how much our parents may interfere with our relationship?
  • Do we trust the commitment of the other in our family and we are confident that our relationship is strong enough to overcome any obstacle that may arise?
  • These are questions that the couple should think about and answer them honestly at any age, but especially if the future spouses are very young. Your and respond?
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