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Posted On 07 Mar 2014
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Dozens of families with members who have been deported from the United States will try to re-enter the country.

Movement dreamers will embarrass the Obama administration.

Dozens of families with members who have been deported from the United States will try to re-enter the country massively political asylum.

The action is part of an organized movement for dreamers in 2013 on two occasions got in trouble with immigration authorities and the federal government strategy.

The group will perform on March 10 at the intersection of Otay Mesa border with San Diego, where they asked for asylum and humanitarian visas, said Mohammad Abdullah, spokesman for the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA).

The first protest took place on July 22 when 9 dreamers-three of them were in the United States and left the country on the eve without permission to join the group appeared at the border.

The nine applied for asylum, but were arrested and taken to the Eloy Detention Center in Tucson, a cago Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In mid-August the group was released and the government announced that their asylum claims were in process.

On September 30 a group of 34 dreamers was presented at the border crossing sidekick, Texas, for the same purpose. The 34 were arrested and sent to an ICE detention center in El Paso.

After several days of confinement and deportation of three demonstrators, the rest were released at different times and their requests are being processed.

Of the 34 who made up the second group, spent 25 years in the United States without authorization where brought as children. They demand to be allowed to return and continue with their lives because they are Americans.

NIYA said the group will try to enter the country on March 10 is composed of about 100 families. “We are betting everything, what else can we do?” He told the newspaper La Opinion Gustavo Suarez, father of two American girls aged 10 to 13 who want to study archeology or be part of the U.S. Navy, his country of birth.

The Juárez returned to Mexico after the removal of the father in 2010, when his employer in St. Louis Missouri required him to legalize it for its value in the smithy; instead, ICE deported him, the newspaper said.

The dreamers who have participated in the movement were arrested and then released on parole remain waiting to appear before an immigration judge to resolve their asylum cases.

“What it means is that they can expect the process of asylum or immigration courts expect free,” the lawyer told.

“They cannot be deported because they are waiting for Immigration Court under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice. Nor can you travel outside the United States but they may legally work after dealing with a work permit on the bases that are waiting for their appointment at Court, “he added.

Hernandez also said the nine dreamers “can get a driver’s license based on the work permit.”

According to the list of pending cases in immigration courts, nine dreamers have a first hearing in 2014 “and the last in 2017. During this time they will not have status, remain in deportation proceedings, “Hernandez said.

Day in court, the lawyer said, “This is the challenge. They will have to prove that fit into a particular social class which, if they return to their home countries, their lives suffer danger, even death, “he said.

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