Reports Say Qatar Promised Not Build 12 Stadiums

Posted On 23 Apr 2014
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Qatar agreements with FIFA do not seem to be fulfilled 100%.

The World of Qatar is in the eye of the hurricane will supposedly unfulfilled promises and changes not raised at first. Now it has been reported that the host nation for the 2022 World Cup will not build 12 new stadiums promised in its proposal to win the competition.

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, the organizers have decided to cut expenses in order to cover the costs of the actual needs. According to the report, Qatar will spend $ 200 billion on infrastructure and buildings for the World Cup, including air conditioning systems in stadiums to combat the high temperatures.

For several months has been discussed whether the Qatar World Cup will be held in the months of June and July as is tradition or be held in the winter, to have less heat. This has already caused controversy, as most soccer leagues in the world would have to adjust their schedules.

Human rights groups have also called the working conditions of the workers who work on construction sites.

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