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Ricky Martin Instigates Inventive Application To Be In Concert

Posted On 06 Feb 2014
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Ricky Martin launched a new App

Through the application of custom viewer ‘Ricky Martin Concert 4-U’, followers of the Puerto Rican star will enjoy concerts performed by Australia.

With an innovative application, users take control of how to view presentations by Martin Australia through their iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android, singer spokesmen reported through a press release.

Ricky Jay and Jayaram, president of the 3D-4U company, today announced the launch of the new and revolutionary service that will forever change the way that users can see the concerts of your favorite celebrities, all from the palm of your hands.

‘During my recent tour of Australia, receiving daily messages from people from all over the world who wanted to be in the show and be part of the tour.

‘This inspired me to create with 3D-4U, this incredible application that allows the user the experience of being there with me.

‘The revolutionary innovation gives you the control you want to see while my band and I are dancers performing on stage, “said Martin, who expects users to enjoy their concert-’4 U’ and share in different social networks versions favorite moments.

The performances can be enjoyed with panoramic view, with surround sound and controlled by the user through the application of custom viewer.

Meanwhile, Jay said: “It is a great pleasure and honor to launch the first consumer product in partnership with a superstar like Ricky Martin and Sony Music U.S. Latin.

‘Fans looking for personalization and customization that is meaningful. 3D-4U offers a single revolutionary and magical experience for them, in 2D and 3D. We connect entertainment, social networking and games to create something they have never experienced before. “

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