Samsung Launched The New Galaxy S5

The new Galaxy S5 is in direct competition with the iPhone 5S.

The new smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S5, another version of its Galaxy smart watch called Gear 2 and Gear Band Fit health were presented Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The devices will go on sale in around 150 countries from April 11, said Vice President of Operations Telecommunications Samsung Electronics Europe, Jean Daniel Ayme.

JK Shin, president and CEO of the South Korean company, the new device first showed to reporters and technology specialists.

The Galaxy S5 has improvements in its camera, the speed of your internet connection and its resistance to dust and water, Shin explained. It also includes fingerprint detection to improve safety and what was presented as “the first sensor of cardiac activity on a smartphone.”

Camera focus objectives S5 enables automatically at 0.3 seconds “faster autofocus for a smartphone,” explained

The High Dynamic Range function will get photos with “a contrast of real life” or very little light. “What you see is what you get,” said Ayme.

The camera will also allow a selective approach, he said.

Improvements to technology connecting S5 guarantee “double the speed of WiFi” and reduce download times, detailed Ayme.

“We need the fastest connection to sustain a high volume of traffic,” said Ayme.

The manager said that these improvements will download a gigabyte up to 13 seconds. “The chapter of television will be ready before the microwave popcorn,” he said.

Samsung optimized resistance to natural elements; the S5 now supports falling water and dust. “You can check your list of songs in the rain,” said Ayme.

However, the manager said that it is not possible to keep the phone submerged in water.

Galaxy S5 battery lasts about 10 hours internet browsing and 12 hours watching video.

It also has a save feature that allows you to ‘survive’ 24 hours, only has 10% of its capacity, Ayme said.

Thus, when the battery has reached a critical level, the screen will go black and white with essential features like SMS and calls.

The new fingerprint scanner smartphone allow you to “secure payments” on the internet by hovering your finger off the screen. Also allow you to secure some content like photos with the exclusivity of the fingerprint.

“The credit card number or passwords ridiculous is needed,” explained Ayme.

This function is similar to that adapted by S5 rival device, the iPhone 5S.

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