Seven Deadly Sins In Bed

Posted On 18 Feb 2014
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As in life in general, there are unforgivable acts that should never commit sexual life and will also apply.

If you’ve wondered why you’re not as successful as you wanted sex maybe you’re committing any of these sins without realizing, identify them and learn to avoid them.


All or most have failed to prove the sweetness of makeup sex. This is the sexual encounter after a fight with your partner. Arguably, this is one of the most intense and passionate encounters downloading emotions, which makes it very enjoyable and ultimately results in the healing of trouble.

This is why many couples are addicted to this kind of relationship in which only reach to solve conflicts break out this way. Obviously, this is not healthy for ending the relationship going. If you have fallen into this sin, come out and better think otherwise unbridled passion to bring you and your partner.


You might think that this is the ultimate sin prohibition in bed. Yes, it’s what drives you wish to have this meeting in private, and desire is a vital part of the relationship because, when it is finished or when there and only sweetheart, then that is not a relationship but rather fraternal because even between friends there is some desire.

Lust becomes harmful to your relationships when, in eagerness to exploit all the pleasure that sex can bring to you get to the more alternative sexual practices regardless or without talking to your partner and then you become a bad teammate in bed. All excess becomes bad, so avoid falling into extremes.


As before, it is very important not to fall into excess. You may wonder, what’s wrong with wanting a little more? At first glance nothing, since sex like food, is essential in the lives of people, can be said to be necessary. But like food, you should know that too much can be fatal.

But do not panic! If this is not an unusual case or a heart problem, the unhealthy sex does not kill anyone. But if you can kill your sex life if you know that over a practice, favorite it, ends by becoming a bad lover, monotonous and obsessive, which cannot achieve pleasure if falls into the abuse.


This sin may well lead to selfishness. A greedy person is greedy, only cares for his own pleasure regardless of the needs of others. It definitely fall into this sin will drive away all your partners for who want to be with someone who is only interested in his own gratification?

You will have found this salt pothole there immediately, not only because it is not a fair practice for those who are with you but because after a while, even if you have a partner who has patience for those yours selfish impulses, your own pleasure will decrease and that the less give, the less you will receive, however, a great effort brings great satisfaction.


Hand in hand with the previous sin is this, which, if it is not someone who only cares about his own pleasure leaving his family to fend for themselves, it’s someone who does not seek your own satisfaction, is someone who carried away by the monotony and not give any effort to improve your sex life is bad.

Note that laziness is not limited to not wanting to have sex for physical discouragement, but also emotional defeatism. This occurs when there is no longer desire for the other person because there are no attraction or personal problems. This will be more so that although there is a problem identifying who falls into this sin will do nothing to fix it.


As with everything in life, there is always someone more successful, more handsome and more adept at something. This includes sex, it is true that many usually adorn the reality when it comes to brag but, yes, I brag meantime there is some truth. If you’ve fallen into this sin is because you listened to any of you know talking about how successful they are and nights of passion and art thou.

Do some comparison is inevitable but if you start to wonder why it is good and you do not and start with frustration and anger, then you have a serious problem. Comparisons do not help you progress on the path to a satisfying sex life if you start to not worry about making a change or an effort yourself, rather than interest on what others do.


Finally, if you thought that the more pride about your sex life, you became a more desirable lover, you are very wrong. Anyone you talk may occur a little more in order to look good, but be careful with posing as an expert in the arts of love if it is a complete beginner.

This sin can attack all ages having dire consequences in bed. Listen to the saying “tell me what you brag and tell you what you lack” and you ignore it, rather than assume, what works best for you long and so you become a better lover. On the other hand, once you make it, avoid pride and let your bedroom skills speak for themselves.

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