Shoot Against Two Police Officers In Los Angeles

Posted On 16 Mar 2015
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Two police officers in Los Angeles suffered minor injuries Sunday when they were shot while traveling on the south of the city, as reported by the authorities.

The Los Angeles Police Department on his Twitter account urged citizens to avoid the area around Broadway and 65th Street in the neighborhood of Florence in South Los Angeles. According to local media, the scene a swarm of police cars and heavily armed SWAT teams was observed.

A spokesman told the Los Angeles Times that plainclothes officers received minor injuries and were treated at the scene. It is believed that were specifically targeted. However the identities of the officers were not provided.

A spokesman said officers were assigned to the department of narcotics and transported in a police vehicle camouflaged. He also ruled that the officers had been caught in the crossfire between rival groups, but believes that the shots were for them.

The department could not immediately be reached to confirm the details of the incident.

The spokesman told the Times the officers were attacked just before 6 pm, prompting an exchange of gunfire and several suspects were dispersed among the riot, officials said. Two people were arrested and others were released, the Times said.

Junior Moore, 54, said he was eating at Hercules Burgers located between Broadway and Gage Avenue when the fire broke out.

“I heard about 20 shots, and then a lot of police sirens,” Moore said.

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  1. Shari Peterson Reply

    Someone that shoots at a thug LA cop is no threat to me. Cops are far more dangerous than even terrorists.

  2. legal eagle Reply

    Not condoning it, but honestly is anyone surprised, given the brazen abuse and violence cops are meeting out to people for nothing or minor offenses, and the subsequent lies and cover ups for crimes up to and including murder ?

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