The Former CIA Director Pleads Guilty To Mishandling Of Information

Posted On 04 Mar 2015
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David Petraeus.

Retired US General David Petraeus, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agreed Tuesday to plead guilty to lesser charges in the open case against him for leaking information to his biographer, with whom he had an affair.

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A statement from the Department notes that it has reached an agreement in the district court of Charlotte, North Carolina, pleading guilty to erase and retention of classified information.

Those charges, in other cases of leaks of classified information have been severely persecuted by the US government, only entail the payment of $ 40,000 for Petraeus, one of the most prestigious US military.

Lawyers for Petraeus, David Kendall and Robert Barnett, declined to comment.

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The four-star general, former head of the Central Command of the Armed Forces and former commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, resigned as director of the CIA in November 2012 when the affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, began to be investigated by the FBI.

Although Broadwell had access to certain types of sensitive information, the researchers recommended that impute to Petraeus may have overstepped the type of information that had been made available to her lover and the effects this could have on national security.

“I messed monumental way” then recognized Petraeus, after which he went to work in 2013 to an investment fund and as a university professor.

Both have publicly apologized for the relationship and argue that began their relationship until after he retired from the army and took place in the CIA.

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