The Heartbreak Of Jenni Rivera Explosion

Posted On 09 Dec 2013
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  • It’s been a year since the tragic death of Jenni Rivera. We give an account of how it all happened.
  • The ‘Diva Band’ offered the night of December 8, a big concert at Arena Monterrey, where he received RIAA Gold and Platinum album ‘Joyas Borrowed.’
  • The last concert of Jenni Rivera was performed on a stage in a cross.
  • After the show, the more different from his career, Jenni gave a press conference to talk about how happy and blessed he felt for their awards.
  • After the conference, and by the morning, went to the airport and this is one of your stops in an establishment where down to dinner with his companions before boarding the plane.
  • Locally some fans took the opportunity to take a photo with your diva, thinking that would be the last to see alive Jenni.
  • This is the last picture that was taken with Jenni all the staff who accompanied her concert in Monterrey. All were on the plane.
  • Jenni was traveling from Monterrey to Toluca early Sunday Dec. 9 aboard this plane, minutes after taking off, lost contact with the control tower.
  • By Sunday morning, had already been reported that the plane was traveling Jenni was gone.
  • Every Sunday morning newspapers wondered if the missing plane was Jenni and if she was in it.
  • A farmer notified the authorities that it had found traces of a plane.
  • Authorities immediately went to the venue to search for evidence of the accident. Until that time were doubts whether it was Jenni plane.
  • Meanwhile, colleagues and family could not believe the news. Paulina Rubio waited for her friend to sing Sunday night with her on the show ‘The Voice  … Mexico ‘. Jenni, never came.
  • Rescuers began to find evidence of the accident, as the identifications of the pilots.
  • Mexican journalist gives new details about death of Jenni Rivera. It was reported that the pilot’s name was Miguel Perez Soto.
  • After the driver’s license of Jenni Rivera was located … No doubt, she was on the plane.
  • Authorities also found the dress she wore Jenni Rivera in his last appearance in Monterrey.
  • Some media began broadcasting harrowing images of the remains found at the site.
  • By then, the news about the death of Jenni Rivera had taken international dimensions.
  • Jenni Rivera fans gathered outside the house of the Rivera family and Arena Monterrey.
  • But the curiosity and doubts about the death of Jenni grew. Especially when this assumption appeared Jenni message on his Twitter … Of course the family denied it was real.
  • Jenni Rivera’s family, torn in the soul, agreed to meet the media gathered at the home of the singer.
  • Relatives of Jenni Rivera not fined solace at the unexpected loss.
  • Lupillo Rivera talked about his sister Jenni Rivera.
  • The singer traveled to Monterrey to identify the remains of the singer of “Unforgettable”.
  • Remains of Jenni Rivera and his companions were found in the rubble Monday afternoon December 10.
  • Lupillo Rivera arrived Tuesday morning to Monterey to perform a DNA test and identify the remains of his sister.
  • While waiting for Lupillo relevant evidence, place Jenni Rivera’s mother and the family refused to accept that the singer was dead.
  • On Wednesday December 12 Esteban Loaiza, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, spoke for the first time and said he was devastated.
  • This is “supposed” urn in which rest in peace Jenni Rivera. The remains of the singer were delivered Thursday morning to Lupillo Rivera, who last night told to do a cross mahogany, same to be placed in the scene.
  • The family had also said that a large open planned in Mexico and Los Angeles tribute.
  • Pedro Rivera, father of the singer, only awaiting the arrival of their children to confirm the news. He thanked the public for all the support extended to him after this blow. The attempt to preserve the memory of her daughter selling album.
  • Family and fans sang outside the house of the parents Jenni Rivera, giving farewell to the singer.

Finally, on December 31, 2012, Jenni Rivera was buried in a private ceremony with access to very few people.

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