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Posted On 13 Mar 2015
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Goji debut in an increasingly popular segment, home automation.

“If you have your phone with you, simply connect to the lock and opens and gives you a welcome message with your name, which you know you being recognized,” he said in an interview with Efe Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, economist Catalan origin of 45 who developed Goji along with three other partners.

The lock, which began recently sold in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco, battery operated and is connected to the wireless internet in the house.

“From anywhere in the world know who is entering the home and from anywhere in the world if someone knocks on the door you can open,” said the Catalan entrepreneur.

Goji, which sells for $ 299, comes equipped with an accelerometer that generates an alert when someone knocks on the door and sends a message to the owner. It also has a screen where you can leave messages like “I’m not home” or “come back tomorrow”.

Bestard Ribas and his associates concluded after “a lot of market research” the problem for people not carry house keys in your pocket.

“The problem is that once you’ve given him the keys to someone you do not know if that person has a copy and have no control over who has access to your home,” says the entrepreneur, who emphasizes that intelligent locks provide “Control Total on access to the house and managing access to the house. ”

Goji debut in an increasingly popular segment, home automation, and has sought to differentiate itself from the competition by being, for example, the only lock that takes pictures of who comes home owner and send them to mobile.

Bestard-Rivas, exejecutivo signing Danone dairy products, is recognized that the entrepreneur in Silicon Valley has been a great learning experience and not just for the challenges of developing a new product.

“It’s a process, quotes, refinement and purification of the soul because you realize that the company that you think is like you as a person,” he said, implying that if one wants to make a big company “must become very large “person.

“Born in Spain learn to see the world from a Spanish perspective. Is a European perspective, in which you market to market, “say the Catalan economist, who points out that Americans, by contrast, have a mentality of” the world is mine. ”

In his opinion, the United States in general and Silicon Valley in particular is ideal for global product launch platform, as “a great showcase” given high visibility.

His advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs is “that we achieve a good psychologist, counselor, counselor, whoever”.

“You cannot do it alone, or can, but it is much harder,” he says.

His team is composed by an expert in locks, with over 30 years experience in this area, a technologist who handled all of the software and mechanical lock and another person who takes the part of business intelligence.

Unlike what occurs frequently in Silicon Valley, where twenty something’s millionaires abound Bestard-Rivas and his team have now passed the bar 40.

“We have all more than 40 years, making it easier to have certain serenity to events,” he said.

Home automation has gained thrust in recent years and provides remote control of a growing number of objects, such as air conditioning.

A study last year by Forrester Research among 4,556 Internet users found that at least 18% of respondents used at least an automation system in their homes.

Forrester Research predicts that by 2020, half of US households, especially those with the highest incomes, have a high degree of automation.

Goji won the award for innovation in home automation segment on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in January in Las Vegas.

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