Thousands Demonstrate Against Indiana Law That Denies Gay

Posted On 29 Mar 2015
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Tag: Thousands protest against gay freedom law in Indiana, Thousands protest against gay law in Indiana

Protest Indiana.

About 3,000 people rallied in downtown Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, to express their revulsion for approval in the state of a law allowing discrimination of gays and lesbians.

The protesters, armed with banners, chanted slogans like “No Hate in our state” and “Mark well that law,” local media reported.

The congregation turned their anger to the governor of Indiana, Republican Mike Pence, who approved Thursday a bill that gives carte blanche to the shops in that state to refuse entry to gay couples in the name of “religious freedom”.

“This bill is discriminatory and if I thought that legalizes discrimination somehow would have vetoed” defended Pence, who said the law says that “religious freedom is fully protected under the laws of Indiana“.

The new legislation will invalidate state and local laws that “severely inhibit” the ability of people, including business associations, to follow their religious beliefs.

The move has not only drawn criticism from organizations defending the rights of homosexuals, but business leaders who believe that the initiative tarnishes the image of Indiana and hinders the recruitment of talent.

The CEO of the company Angie’s List, Bill Oesterle, today announced the cancellation of some expansion plans in that state valued at $ 40 million, due to their opposition to the controversial law.

In the same vein, the mayor of Seattle (Washington State), Ed Murray, reported today that prohibit the use of funds for business of public employees of the Mayor to Indiana.

“The people of Seattle know that discrimination has no place in our city,” said Murray, adding that the city “has been leading the fight to protect civil rights and ensure equality for all people.”

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  1. Albert Reply

    When “alternative lifestyle” cultures overtake the host culture, the host will die and take the “alternative” culture with it. Attempting to “equalize” these subcultures simply because MOMMY wants/DEMANDS her little ….. CREATION …. to be “accepted” does not change the fact they are non-viable SUB-cultures
    Where is the TOLERANCE for the belief systems that built the Civilization.Show me the homosexual civilization. When the “alternate” lifestyle becomes mainstream,civilization DIES. The parasite cannot live without it’s healthy host body.

  2. Leonard2 (@harold54321) Reply

    Great law. 19 other states have laws like this and I don’t see any of you anti-Christian bigots bitching about these states.

  3. skip barker Reply

    Be homo in your bedrooms all you want, that is between you and God, keep your homo life out of the public view, and stop trying to turn the tables making your lifestyle right, and mine and others wrong. Stop flaunting your perversion, sex is a private matter.

  4. Darkwing Reply

    It is about time that the elected people stood up to the few for the benefit of the many. I am hoping that North Carolina does the same.

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