Three Policemen Were Dismissed In Florida For Making Fun Of President Obama

Posted On 22 Mar 2015
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The Commissioner Robert L. McKinzie, Mayor Jack Seiler and Police Chief Frank Adderley Fort Lauderdale.

Three policemen were fired on Friday in Florida for making “racist” comments, some of them based on a video produced by an agent who resigned last month and the making fun of President Barack Obama, officials said.

Fort Lauderdale police said in a news conference that the official James Wells, 29, Jason Holding, 31, and Christopher Sousa, 25, were dismissed for “racist” comments and “offensive” in telephone communications.

Meanwhile, the police Alex Alvarez, 22, who produced a video showing President Obama with gold chains and gold teeth and another person dressed similar to the supremacist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) clothing, resigned last month .

The four officers were subject to a five-month investigation by the police, during which they argued that the video was a “joke”.

“Among the four official racist text messages were exchanged,” said Police Chief Fort Lauderdale, Frank Adderley, who said that Alvarez would be fired for the same reason.

“It is unpleasant (…) no one here will defend this video,” said Jack Seiler for his part, Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, present at the press conference.

Adderley said the investigation against the four officers began last October when ex fiancée Alvarez gave police the video.

For his part, President of the local police union, Jack Lokeinsky, said in a written statement that they are “a multicultural organization that does not tolerate racism” and yet not comment on the details of the case statement.

Lokeinsky also said that “everyone has the right to due process and these officers are entitled to a fair review of the facts”.

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  1. David E Reply

    No such thing as Freedom of Speech anymore

  2. legal eagle Reply

    And there you have it. Poke humor at the uselessness in chief and lose your jop; commit any number of crimes against the person, up to and including murder and see the DA and the brass rally around and sweep it under the carpet in lightning speed.

    • Obama Reply

      Not to mention expanding and creating wars for his beloved masters

  3. Frank Reply

    Kill an unarmed person and get 3 days off with pay! Whatta country!

  4. SAMSAM Reply

    This is absurd! Making fun of obummer gets you fired but cops killing people= paid vacation. They arrest people for feeding the homeless
    Could these people get anymore laughable,,,, probably!!

  5. John Smith Reply

    Surrounded by Affirmative Action Intellectuals, the mayor announced joking is not protected Free Speech and condemned the dismissed officers for verbal abuse of a Kenyan primate.

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