To Choose Which Hotel In New York City

New York City, also known as the city of which never sleeps. And it must be said, there is much to see and do. For example: the Statue of Liberty (Statue Of Liberty), Central Park, Madison Square Garden, in short, too much to mention. However, the key question is: Where to Stay in New York City?

Admittedly, the cost of living, especially rents, is in New York, despite the relatively low dollar for us, very high. If you know where to look, then there are many restaurants where you can eat for a reasonable price, so eating and drinking is not the problem. When it comes to shopping, you should not think that everything revolves around Macy’s. On the contrary, there are many bazaars found throughout New York, the only thing you need is a good guide. When it comes to tourist places, do not think you have to pay. Everywhere certainly not! Just walking in downtown New York offers you an experience that you will keep up.

The question remains: Where to stay?

Before a list is given of hotels in New York City which could qualify, here’s a warning in place first. Which is often indicated by the term “affordable” in New York City might not be what you mean by “affordable”.

New York is a city of skyscrapers and some of these are hotels where you can stay. During your stay in New York the buildings range from five star hotels to hotels with reasonable prices.

Four Season Hotel

If you have children with you, you could consider making this family-friendly hotel partly because guests can stay here for free. Use under 18 it is the largest hotel in New York City, it provides the young guests of coloring books, features a video library and children receive a welcome gift.

Affinia 50 Suites

This hotel ends effortlessly in the Top 10 as a survey would be taken with regard to the election of the best hotel in New York. Formerly known as the Plaza 50 Suites, this is a hotel for a carefree and comfortable stay in the Big Apple. The hotel also features a number of spacious suites, which are equipped with a kitchen for those guests who need it.

Hilton Times Square

Do not think of Paris Hilton and her notorious excesses. In any case, the family has not yet stopped, if you’re talking about hotel service. Hilton Times Square is one of the fanciest hotels in New York City, equipped with its own theater and even a wax museum. But do not think because it concerns a fancy hotel, the staff, the nose up for dirty or noisy children and pets. No! The Hilton Times Square would like to receive all kinds of guests, people and animals, adults and children.

If you have found a book hotel and enjoy the city, research and undergo New York City!

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