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Posted On 03 Mar 2014
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South America has a unique nature and culture in all other countries. In terms of culture and nature can definitely go on this continent, it is unforgettable! South America is a mix of jungle, beach, and adventure and of course Spanish. This language is spoken here since Spain that the boss has been here. The less adventurous among us can also relax and parties in major cities. Plus, you can in South America great budget travel, something to do many backpackers.

1. Peru

Peru is the most popular country in South America among backpackers; this is partly due to the world-famous Inca city of Machu Picchu. When you go to Peru, you should definitely not miss this! Besides the many fascinating temples, nature is also stunning. Through good bus routes, you can visit all the highlights of the country. In the south near Lima Paracas you find here, you can see up close many animals, such as large groups of seals. Deeper in the country is the Amazon, a beautiful river where you can make nice trips. Hikers and adventurers can visit the Chachapoya region. A mountainous area where walks are possible. This country is attractive for backpackers because to reach sights by public transport cheap travel so!

Budget per day: $ 20 - $ 40

This budget is based on low-budget life. Occasionally you may eat a fancy meal, but otherwise you should stay mostly in cheap hostels and travel by public transport.

2. Argentina

For backpackers Argentina is definitely a good option, this is even the best way to explore the country. You can easily go far without strict plan, a way why many backpackers. Usually you start your journey in the city of Buenos Aires, a vibrant city where plenty of Tango is danced. You can join a walk, going to get to know the city well. For the shoppers among us, there are also good opportunities; Buenos Aires has a few popular shopping areas. Another must in Argentina are the waterfalls of Iguazu. You can walk or take a train view these falls, remember to take so you do not get wet! Something In the northwest of the country you will find the beautiful mountain scenery with mountains of up to 6,000 feet or higher, a very nice area to bring. Visit an ideal country for backpackers.

Budget per day: $ 55

3. Suriname

Suriname is a good country to visit if you want to travel independently. It is very special to visit, especially for Dutch this country. Suriname was a colony of the Netherlands and here are certainly traces of residual. Fort Zeelandia is a good example. In addition, the country is very sparsely populated, making it popular among backpackers. Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname, by public transport you can easily get to the attractions around the city. A beautiful nature reserve in the Galibi Suriname. On a beach near the Leatherback turtles lay their eggs down a special moment and nice to see. Like Argentina Suriname also have beautiful waterfalls, namely the Blanche Marie waterfalls.

Budget per day: $ 30 - $ 65

4. Ecuador

Ecuador is a good mix of culture and nature, ranging from historic villages with the traditional inhabitants to the Amazon and the tropical rainforest. But the beaches of Ecuador are absolutely wrong. You can think of it Mompiche beach, very un-touristy, but it still has everything you expect from a beach. It is possible to withdraw from Ecuador jungle this example from Misahualli. A special city in Ecuador Cuenca, from here you can make easy walks in a nature reserve. What also part of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, an area of ​​rare animals and plants? However, a visit here is pricey and probably not for the average backpacker. In the rest of the country, many backpackers to find, making it easy to move. Friends you can optionally choose to travel together a lot.

Budget per day: $ 30 - $ 50

5. Brazil

Most countries in South America speak Spanish; Brazil is an exception with the Portuguese language. There are a lot of parks in Brazil, all very nice. One of the highlights of this is Pantanal, you can find a lot of animals, such as alligators, jaguars and monkeys. This makes a visit to this natural very exciting. Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Brazil and many travelers begin their journey here. It is a beautiful city with very friendly people, it offers the opportunity to relax, but you can also partying. To view the history of Brazil, it is best to go to Salvador, the former capital of this country. Many historic buildings have been preserved, and therefore it is an attractive city. You can get the best around by bus, dirt cheap in Brazil!

Budget per day: $ 60

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