Twitter Faces Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Posted On 26 Mar 2015
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Twitter continues with growth plans.

Twitter faces gender favoritism lawsuitA former software engineer at Twitter filed a lawsuit alleging that the firm conducts promotion processes that favor men illegally.

A class action lawsuit was filed in state court of California at San Francisco by the former employee Tina Huang, who claims that the social network only warning certain people about jobs and promotion opportunities, often excluding women.

Twitter has on average 70% of white men on its payroll, according to statistics Self-reported social network. These statistics, along with a culture dominated by men, have created discussions and even lawsuits in Silicon Valley.

The lawsuit filed by Huang argues that the platform does not have a process or promotions for formal employment. Instead, management committee’s secrets are who actually decide who gets a promotion without ads about jobs, creating a gender imbalance within the firm.

“The promotion to positions of high technical level in Twitter is based on subjective judgments by committees composed of and are dependent on the brass on Twitter, who are predominantly male,” according to the lawsuit.

“The Miss Huang voluntarily relinquished Twitter, after our leadership tried to persuade her to stay,” said a spokesman for the platform in a statement.

“She was not fired. Twitter is deeply committed to a place of diverse and supportive work, and we believe that the facts show that Huang was treated with justice.”

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