United States And Cuba Have Sunday In Havana Third Round Of Talks

Posted On 14 Mar 2015
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Roberta Jacobson, assistant secretary of state in the US to Latin America.

Assistant Secretary of US State for Latin America, Roberta Jacobson, will travel to Cuba on Sunday to hold the third round of talks on the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the US government reported Friday.

Jacobson will be in Havana with Josefina Vidal, Director General United States to stop the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, on March 15 to “continue discussions on the restoration of diplomatic ties and reopening embassies”.

The diplomat said that the talks are only a first step to fully resume relations with Cuba.

Recall that the two negotiating already held two rounds of dialogue, one in January and one in Havana in February in Washington.

According to the State Department, the two sides “have been in contact since their last meeting in February in Washington,” noting that “it is in the best interest of the two countries restored diplomatic ties and reopening embassies “.

US and Cuba stunned the world last December 17 to announce the joint decision to leave behind half a century of tensions and start the process of restoring diplomatic relations , an agreement was sealed in a historic telephone call between Barack Obama and Raul Castro.

At the end of the two rounds of meetings, the two countries still have not set a date for the reopening of embassies.

Washington expressed his wish that the two countries can make announcements about the reopening of embassies before the Summit of the Americas, to be held on 10 and 11 April in Panama.

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart says there are challenges but hopes that new relationships are good for Cuba.

At this stage of negotiations one of the obstacles is the permanence of Cuba on the State Department list of countries that support terrorism.

By targeting Obama, the State Department and initiated a review of the presence of Cuba on that list, but that process does not yet time for completion.

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