Utah Signs Law Allowing Prisoners To Shoot When No Lethal Injections

Posted On 25 Mar 2015
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Tag: Utah allow firing squad if the lethal drugs not available, Utah pass law allow prisoners shoot when no lethal injections

The project was presented by Paul Ray, who says the squad is the most humane form of execution.

Utah became the first state to allow a firing squad if the lethal drugs are not available.

The Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill that makes use of firing squads for executions, if drugs for lethal injections are not available legal.

The decision comes as other states looking for a way to enforce such sentences, because several companies have refused to sell drugs used in lethal injections.

Although days before Herbert said he preferred lethal injection bullets, also revealed he would sign the proposal to prevent death sentences would deter pending.

Herbert recognized that although the method can be “a bit cruel”, gives the state an alternative way to carry out executions.

Previously death row could choose whether they were executed by lethal injection or firing squad, but with the enactment of the law will be forced to face a firing if not get the drugs Utah 30 days prior to scheduling an execution.

The bill was introduced by Republican Representative Paul Ray, who argued that the firing squads are a more humane form of execution, version that has been criticized by some to consider it too brutal death.

While signed into law, Governor Herbert hoped not to have to use the firing squad because he believes the state will be able to find the right chemicals.

When he presented the proposal, Republican Paul Ray cited as an example the botched execution of a prisoner in Oklahoma in 2014, when the paramedics were unable to find a vein and the drug spread throughout the body of the condemned, causing a painful death.

Supporters of the legislation said three other states, Oklahoma, Ohio and Arizona, which recently conducted executions by lethal injection that produced them strenuous physical distress and death of the condemned, believe that the shooting is more human.

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