What Are The Best Jobs For 2015?

Posted On 09 Dec 2014
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Every beginning of year holds promise for many of us in many ways, and if the job is you, we invite starts 2015 with better job.

The following list is based on a study by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl, where he assessed the supply and demand as well as salary and growth, to enlist the most attractive jobs for next year.

10. Speech pathologist. They receive on average $ 70.720 annually.

9. Physiotherapist. They receive on average $ 80.350 per year.

8. Manager of medical services, with 90,708 on average and annual payment.

7. Web Developer, you will have a salary per year of about $ 58.281.

6. System Administrator, and $ 74.547.

5. Industrial Engineer, with an annual payment of about $ 81.036.

4. Nurse. The average annual salary is $ 92.892.

3. Software Development, and $ 92.892.

2. Sales Manager. The average annually perceptions that have these professionals is $ 106.039.

1. Marketing Executive, with an average annual salary of $ 119.433.

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