What Is The U.S. National Cuisine?

Posted On 04 Mar 2014
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What is a U.S. national cuisine? The answer to this question is not so simple, because this country - “melting pot» (melting pot), as many call it that is populated by immigrants from different countries, each of which brings something into the national cuisine of the United States. In addition, American cuisine recipes vary from state to state.

Yet there are certain dishes, especially popular throughout the country. Pizza, burgers, sandwiches - all this is just the tip of the iceberg and naive to believe that Americans eat only that. But what about the traditional American breakfast - cornflakes with milk, waffles with fruit, toast with peanut butter and jam, oatmeal with maple syrup… A mandatory lunch at noon - salads (quite similar to our Russian Olivier or herring under a fur coat) hotdogs (varieties which, it turns out, a great many), much loved by Americans soups, steaks… And dinner - it’s a different story altogether. And a variety of amazing recipes American desserts. In the first place, perhaps Brownie somewhere between chocolate cake and cookies. Americans are taught from childhood to prepare this sweetness: gather at a party a classmate after school to bake brownies - a favorite pastime of American schoolgirls. Unusually in preparing the national American kitchen pancakes, or as they are better called pancakes, because in our understanding of it is not pancakes, and hash browns. Cannot forget the apples in chocolate or caramel glaze - just prick apple on a stick and dipped in chocolate or caramel.

In short, the U.S. national cuisine is not limited to fast food (although one cannot ignore it). If you have ever been to America, and you wanted to cook something that you are there try this site - exactly what you are looking for. Or if you just want to cook something original to please yourself or your family, try to cook something for our American recipes.

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