White Christmas By Mariah Carey In Aspen

Posted On 24 Dec 2013
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Guess who is celebrating a white Christmas in the sexiest way and in the snow! Nothing more and nothing less than Mariah Carey, who donned in their favorite red bikini posing in a cold night is Aspen.


  • This was the gift that the singer gave his fans in Instagram, What better Christmas card this!
  • During the night, regardless of the low temperatures, the singer, I played in the snow.
  • Very ‘glamorous’ as usual, did not hesitate to share these moments with your followers.
  • But it also reminded us that still love her husband Nick Cannon.
  • Here, shared a post tender really small Monroe.
  • The beautiful Mariah Carey is already enjoying a white Christmas with his family in Aspen, Colorado.
  • The beautiful ski center was adorned with the presence of the interpreter ‘Without You’.
  • During her stay in Snowy place, Carey took time to visit a jewelry store.
  • The singer was dressed in an elegant beige coat that made her look very feminine.
  • The design makes us think that Mariah wore underneath a dress with long flight.
  • His boots were not lost because combined with perfect coat.

  • The singer complemented her outfit one umbrella since it was snowing.
  • And, due to cold weather, their little twins were also very warm.
  • Note that Monroccan Monroe and looked a little less elegant than Mariah.
  • But their clothes were completely appropriate for the cold weather.
  • Jackets, gloves and boots for ice are very necessary to get out enjoying a walk.
  • Mariah is one of the most successful singers with millions of records sold worldwide.
  • To celebrate this season, decided to take the small luxury of traveling to this resort.
  • This is one of the destinations most envied by all who enjoy the snow and skiing.
  • There is no more perfect than this to celebrate days before Christmas instead.
  • Nothing could prevent photographers will capture the famous mom.
  • The singer of ‘Dreamlover’ did not hesitate to pose for the paparazzi camera.
  • Carey was very aware that her ‘outfit’ made her looks good.
  • With around full of white snow, this can be a very good Christmas card of the singer.
  • Along with them, was also her caregiver, she was responsible for ensuring that small were well wrapped.
  • But the timing was perfect to take a solo intantánea.
  • So much so that, while the children played with snow abounded, Mariah took off his umbrella and…
  • The singer gave the paparazzi a very good poses.
  • In short, know your Carey stronger when dressing and posing for photographers.
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