Wisconsin Governor Dismisses His Adviser on Hispanic Racist Tweets

Posted On 04 Dec 2013
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Palmisano in a statement expressed “deeply sorry for the offensive and irresponsible statements” made

Wisconsin Governor, Republican Scott Walker, Tuesday dismissed the deputy finance his reelection campaign after discovering some tweets with racist comments about Hispanics did in 2011, according to local newspaper Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Walker, who many emerging as a possible presidential candidate in the elections of 2016, and one of the main proponents of a rapprochement GOP minorities, Palmisano Taylor dismissed after receiving complaints about the messages she wrote on Twitter.

Comment on this news of Univision.

“I’ll strangle that illegal Mexican who is cleaning the library. Quit banging chairs and turn your Walkman,” Palmisano wrote on Twitter on March 9, 2011.

Two months earlier, described in terms degrading the environment on the bus that transported from Pasadena (California) to Las Vegas (Nevada).

“This bus is my worst nightmare. Nobody speaks English and these people know how to control their children,” he said, adding the tag “illegal immigrants”.

Walker’s spokesman, Jonathan Wetzel said that Palmisano has been “immediately fired” from office.

“Both the governor and his campaign condemning such insulting statements which do not reflect our opinions at all,” Wetzel said.

Palmisano, who closed their accounts in Twitter and Facebook, in a statement expressed “deeply sorry for the offensive and irresponsible statements” made.

“I sincerely apologize, and I understand the consequences of making comments as unacceptable,” he said.

Walker, who in October asked the president of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto open a consulate in Wisconsin to serve Mexican citizens living in that state, recently fired another member of his team also racist comments.

In August, the governor dispensed with an official in the state Department of Transportation, Steven Krieser after the Journal Sentinel that he had denounced posted Facebook messages in which undocumented immigrants compared with Satan.

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