The Most Demanded Jobs In Linkedin

The social network LinkedIn jobs made a list of the skills most sought by companies during 2013. The company analyzed data, skills and employment history of its more than 259 million members and look what he found.

1. Marketing in social media. Task-management and planning of digital advertising campaigns and develop publicity campaigns through Social Media and monitor compliance with them.

2. Developing for mobile devices: Where people, who are looking for design applications, will develop software modules according to specifications, and with knowledge of the programming language.

3. Cloud computing and distributed computing: It requires that the person knows to handle hardware and software that control communication networks or hosts, where users upload their information.

4. Developing in Perl, Python and Ruby: Targeting systems for engineers, computer engineers and IT experts who know how to use scripting language.

5. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: Design and implement the financial strategy of short and long term analyze and report the results of the company, define budgets.

6. User interface design: The design of computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, software applications, and websites focused on user experience and interaction.

7. Online Digital Marketing: Digital marketing technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, and social networking applications applies. Many organizations cross the channels of traditional and digital marketing.

8. Recruitment. Leading specialist recruitment process according to the requirements of each company.

9. Developing Business / Management relations based: Develop and coordinate marketing strategy to provide products and services.

10. Payment systems and retail information: Targeting people who process transactions or documentation in the human resources department.

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